Thanks to Our Supporters!

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We want to take this time to thank our supporters for everything they do for us! We are so genuinely grateful! A lot of times you will see us post for a specific family or mission and we list our needs. You all ALWAYS come through. In addition there are also many other families that we help throughout the year that we can’t post about. Those are the families that are going through a tough season and need a little help to get through but due to their privacy we can’t disclose their names or what we are doing. That’s where your donations go when you donate throughout the year randomly. I feel it’s safe to say that if you’ve never gone through a tough time in your life, unfortunately you probably will. That’s why we were started. To lift others during a tough time. I know sometimes donating to an organization hoping it will go to the right family can be scary, but I can promise you every dollar makes a huge difference in someone’s life. Each family who comes to us will personally speak to one of our Board members privately about their issue, how we can best get them through it and how they can move on from there. We help families only one time. We try to get them past their hardship at the moment to higher ground. Somewhere where they can build again and hopefully pay it forward to someone else in need. So, again, I want to thank those who help when we put a call out for something specific, and those who trust us to put it towards who may need it the most during a season. We are truly grateful, we feel blessed, and we appreciate all of you.