Thankful Cards!

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Although we are grateful every day of the year, November is a special month to show those who cross our path year round, that they are appreciated and valued. Brightseasons will be passing out “Thankful” cards to random people whom we deal with but don’t seem to take the time to thank them appropriately. It’s a small gesture to spread love.
Those like the mailman who gets out of his truck to place a package on your porch where it won’t get wet, or the garbage men, who although it’s their daily job, don’t ever seem to get a “thank you”. The bagger at the grocery store who hands you a basket as you’re walking in while they are carting in the rest of them. Or the lady behind the counter at the gas station who never seems to forget to say “Have a great day” as you leave with your morning coffee. Each card will have a handwritten note and a $10 gift card for Starbucks to have a coffee on us. It’s a small gesture, but it will hopefully let them know that someone is grateful for what they do daily. We hope everyone uses November to reach out and touch someone in a special way and spread the love. Gratefulness brings many blessings your way and to those whom you touch. Brightseasons will continue to help those who are going through a tough time, and we hope you will follow us throughout, but we’re giving back a little this month as well.
Thank YOU for being a part of us. xoxo