Starting off 2020

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Our organization helps others year-round. We don’t post a lot of our stories due to the fact that the recipients would like to remain anonymous. And we understand that. Sometimes, we are allowed to post. Most of the time we are not. But we are doing things for others every single month of the year. That’s where our money goes when we do fundraisers. No one takes a salary here. All money goes directly out to the community. Without naming names, this month we paid a family’s mortgage payment and bought them gift cards for food as the husband lost his job and recently got another, but got behind in the process. He is making much less at the moment but is working hard to catch up. We wanted to brighten this season for him a bit. This is a hard-working, church-attending, respectable family that would not normally have anywhere to turn for help. This is how it is with most of our families. We are here for people who don’t need assistance most of the time but go through a season as we all do at one time or another, and we try to brighten it a bit.

Another woman we helped this month is a single Mom fighting cancer. She takes care of her elderly mother and is missing a lot of work for treatments. She’ll beat this, but we’re here to help along the way to bring her a little peace by paying her car payment along with gift cards.

We wish we were bigger and could do more, but we do the best we can and we do it with your help. Through random donations and our fundraisers, we make enough to help in some way. And we appreciate you. A lot.

So, once in a while, you’ll get to see pictures and recipients, and most of the time you won’t. But we honor our clients’ wishes and we try to be discrete. Sometimes you’ll get to walk with us, and sometimes you won’t be aware, but we’re here. And we’ll always help walk you through to the other side. The brighter side.

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