Paying it Forward

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Last night Brightseasons helped a young 26 year old Mother with a 2 year old son who left an abusive relationship. We did not post pictures as her privacy must be honored due to her circumstances but I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone who donates to us on a regular basis without knowing how or where the money is spent, but trusting us that it goes where it’s needed most. This young Mother is a strong Christian and has faith that her life is on the right path now. We brought her diapers, wipes, clothes for her child, gift cards for food and supplies, toys, books and other things to help get her through. She was so overwhelmed and grateful and promised to “pay it forward” one day. Which is all we ever hope for anyone to do.

My favorite part of the story is we had to deliver this basket of things as a surprise to her. We were told by the lovely group that contacted us she would be at their weekly church meeting, along with her son that evening. My first thought was here is a young child, with a young child, who happens to be homeless at the moment, struggling and looking for her avenue out, and here she is at her weekly church meeting praying for herself and others and leaving her worries on the door step even for just a moment. There’s no better place to be. We will continue to pray for her and her baby and we know God placed the right people at the right time in the right place to make our paths cross. Like he always does.

Thank you to all our donors. ♥