New Year, New Raffle!

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IT’S OUR FIRST RAFFLE OF THE YEAR!! PLEASE help Brightseasons help others this year! We are raffling off the best gift ever! A HUGE collection of Princess House cookware and glass wear! If you have not tried this brand of cookware, you are in for a treat! Extremely high quality, beautiful products that will make you never want to use any other cookware again! All of this AND a gift certificate and catalog to choose another selection that you may want to add. Tickets are $20 or 6 for $100. You can get tickets from any Brightseasons member, or message us and we will get them to you!

Please be a part of our first raffle of the year. 100% of the proceeds go to helping others. Drawing will be Saturday, February 10th. Right before Valentine’s Day! (Men; buy some tickets! You’re wife will LOVE this!)