Our New Friend Bob

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One of our favorite stories from our second Keys trip: A friend of a friend called a member of Brightseasons and asked if one of us could go check on a friend of hers. It was an elderly man who lived alone in Big Pine Key. His house had been demolished and he was living with a neighbor but she wanted us to make sure he was ok and bring him a few supplies, as he can’t get out. So we loaded up in a car with water, a bucket full of supplies, and a hot meal and went out to search for him. Bob was found! After speaking with a few neighbors and tracking him down, we got to him! And what a joy he was! He built his house 50 years ago and lost it completely after Irma. He had no windstorm insurance, but a whole lot of faith! He’s got a beautiful soul. Funny, charming, and adorable, we enjoyed our quick visit and made a new friend. We’re excited to see him again next week!

Now, this was a good story. Bob was ok and ready to tackle rebuilding. But, as we drove away, we couldn’t help feeling such sadness for this man who, in his later years, has such an overwhelming task in front of him. We thank God for his safety, but we pray for his peace as he has months and months of struggle in front of him. Hopefully Brightseasons gave him a little joy in the mist of his nightmare, if only for a moment.