Helping Burn Victims

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Ok Brightseasons family we need your help. I’ve posted some pictures of a boy we helped a while back. This young man got severely burned all over his body and spent months in the hospital. When he finally was well enough to be released he found it very painful to lay down to sleep, so we made sure he had a recliner delivered on the night he got home to make his recovery a bit more comfortable.

It’s amazing how God works. Although he went through so much trauma, he is strong, and he fought, and now he’s giving back. He goes to the hospital weekly to give talks to children about the dangers of fire and he also spends time sitting with children who have been severely burned over their entire body and tries to comfort them and let them see there is a future when all of this passes. He knows firsthand of the pain, the fear, and the wonder if you’ll ever be back to yourself.

We asked what we could do and his reply was they love comfy pillows and blankets. The family usually is spending all day and nights in chairs and waiting rooms. He knows of a few that are really struggling financially. They find it hard to just get gas money to get back and forth to the hospital as well as all of the work they miss puts a strain on their financial situation. There is one boy in particular who is 15, played high school football, and just had both legs amputated due to the burns. He’s got a long road ahead.

We are going to be collecting really comfy blankets and pillows as well as gift cards or donations to go for gas cards and grocery cards. Even freeing up some money for food for these families will take a little pressure off of them.

Can you imagine seeing your child burned from head to toe and watching them writhe in pain from the numerous skin surgeries that are inevitable? It must be horrific. We want to help them through this tough season. Please help us. You can give anything you purchase to any one of our members, or you can donate directly on our Facebook page or our website. All proceeds will go to these families. This is one of those really hard seasons to go through, but they will, and with your help they’ll go a little more comfortably.