Helping A Young Mother

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We helped a young mother of 3 last night. She lost her job a few months ago, has since got another one, actually 2 jobs now, and was having a hard time catching up. Her power was scheduled to get shut off today and she reached out to us last night. She told me her daughter’s birthday was tomorrow and she couldn’t buy her anything but just wanted to see if we could pay her light bill. We met with her last night, paid her light bill, and gave her a Visa gift card to buy her daughter a birthday present along with gift cards for Publix for a cake and a little food. It was something that had to be done right away so her family could have power. This is why we rely on donations year round. Although when we have time, and we ask for something from the community, we always have such wonderful support, we also need donations year round because there are so many things we need to do on the spur of the moment. Please keep us in your thoughts when you are looking for a place to donate to. All monies we collect go to families in need in our community. I know that young Mother slept well last night knowing she had a solution to something that terrified her. I know because I lived it at one time.

Thank you to all who help us.