Helping a Family in Need

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We are helping a family who is going through a tough season. The woman just had a baby a few months ago but just got out of the hospital herself due to a lot of complications including kidney failure. She is home now but unable to work and her husband is picking up as many jobs as he can but they are just able to keep a roof over their heads. They need help with diapers, food and her medication. This woman was severely burned when she was younger all over her body from a fire her brother accidentally started and she knew complications may occur with the birth of her child but God pulled them both through fortunately with lots of prayer. We are going to get some things together for them but if anyone would like to donate gift cards to go directly to this family it would be greatly appreciated. Winn-Dixie or Publix or Walmart cards are all awesome. You can donate on our website and we will get the cards or drop them off to any of our members! Thank you so much. Together we can lift others up in their time of need.