Helping a Child in Need

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*Brightseasons does not always help people we see on the street, but once in a while someone stands out and we notice that this is not their norm. Whether it’s a long one or a short one, it’s truly a tough season to go through. If you can buy a gift card once in a while, and you see someone that tugs at your heart, pass it on. It may not be a big deal to you, but I can promise it’s a big deal to them.

We see a lot of homeless people around town. It’s almost the norm. They all have their stories and our hearts go out to most as no one aspires when they are young to grow up homeless or addicted. That being said, this morning my husband and I ran into someone a little different. She was a young girl, a little older than my daughter sitting in front of Walgreens. She had her dog next to her and she was reading her bible. Although that may sound like it was staged to some, she struck us as different. She never made eye contact, never asked for anything, and just seemed to be resting while her dog slept next to her. She had her dog covered and in the shade, with water by his side. For some reason she tugged at my heart, so we stopped to speak with her. She was very well spoken and told us her story. There are so many reasons why someone becomes homeless. Most are due to an addiction of some sort, and some are not. She happened to be from Canada and followed a boyfriend all the way here only to have it not work out. She went on to tell us she had a Grandmother here whom she lived with until she passed away. She admitted she’d been addicted to drugs at one point but got clean and is stuck in a place where it’s hard to move away from. She lives on the street. Who would hire her? How could she find a way to start over?

We are not here to judge. We are here to act. Brightseasons went in and bought her dog some food and a gift card so she could get food as well. The sad part is she didn’t expect it. She teared up. She asked if she could give me a hug and apologized for not having a shower. She was truly overwhelmed as if she was used to people making sure her dog was fed, but never her.

Please know that there are so many things that run through someone’s head when they see a homeless person. Most will begin to spout off what they could have done in their life to prevent it. Some will believe they have ulterior motives when you give them money. Whether their story is really legit or not. The bottom line is there is only one Judge. When you stand in front of God I’m certain he won’t ask you what they did with the money you gave them. He’ll judge your heart. He’ll judge your motives. And he’ll let you know you did exactly what you’re here for. To help his children get through this thing called life.