Help for a Soon to be Mother

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We made a visit to a very special young lady today and now we are asking our Brightseasons family to help us help her. This sweet girl is married and pregnant with her first child but has been put on hospital bedrest for the next few months. That means their income has been reduced to only her husband’s income. He is working full-time and going to school and she has to remain in the hospital. If this is not a season, I do not know what it is. It’s tough for her but it will bring forth a beautiful life. We are able to cover her rent payment for the month as well as provide a food card but we would love to see if we can band together and get next months bills paid as well. There is nothing more important than for her to have peace at this time. If you can donate anything at all to help her, we will be collecting until Friday, November 8th, and all monies collected during this time will go to her family. You can donate through any bright seasons member or you could go directly to our donation page.

Thank you to all of our donors! Every woman dreams of the day she’ll carry her first child. Sometimes God has a different vision. Let’s help her make it special because in the end, no matter where she has laid her head, a beautiful baby girl will make her entrance. ❤️