Grateful For Our Donors

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We are so excited and feel so blessed that our organization is growing and we thank YOU all for being there for us! We have our very first annual signature fundraiser coming up next May and it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen! Keep an eye out for more exciting information on that! We will also be at the Homestead Rockin Food and Beer Festival October 6th at Harris Field to meet and greet everyone and let them know what we’re about. Please come and meet us personally! We’re in the process of helping some beautiful families going through a tough season (all with your help) and we’re heading into the holidays and hoping to give back with something special through the month of November because we are truly thankful for your support! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. We have been stopped so often lately from people who have read about or heard about what we are doing and want to help. We really feel so grateful that you have embraced our organization and helped us grow. I pray that we continue on this journey and are able to make the season of others shine bright.