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Brightseasons has paired up with Mama Mia’s of Homestead and high school freshman, Carla Lombardo, to begin our mission called “Flip 2 Recovery”.

Most of us have been through Andrew and we remembered how we spent months outside cleaning up, re-building, and just getting around. It was hot and we had no power for such a long time. We would come in and change our shoes and shirt numerous times a day because it was drenched with sweat but had nowhere to wash and dry the wet ones. We have decided to collect flip flops and t-shirts in any size to send over for all the individuals going through this horrible time to be able to offer a little comfort during the day as they go about their slow recovery. They will be able to change as many times as they desire and just discard the old, worn things.

I have heard how flip flops are not very protective but you have to understand if debris will penetrate those, they most likely will penetrate any shoe. Also, flip flops can be worn in any size by almost anyone. A small woman or man can wear any size if necessary.

We are trying to bring a little comfort in a very uncomfortable situation. Please help us help those who need it most in a way that not too many are doing.

We have already set up transportation to the Bahamas and have a contact person over there who will actually take all of our supplies and get them to the people who will need them the most. You can drop off flip flops and t-shirts with any Brightseasons member, or Mama Mia’s, Homestead location. Carla will be collecting at her school as well.

Thank God for all those helping in the most important way and we ask that you continue to support them. But please consider making a small contribution to our mission as well. We feel it in our hearts that this will bring some small comfort.

If you would like to order online at your favorite store you can also have it directly shipped to: Brightseasons, 32404 SW 203 Ct., Homestead Florida, 33030. Please let us know who sent it as we would like to thank our donors.