Brightseasons Woman of the Year

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Brightseasons has a lot of wonderful things going on, and one very exciting thing is we have chose our very first “Woman of the Year” for our Foundation. She was honored at the Homestead Woman’s Club “Women of Wonder” brunch. CONGRATULATIONS Mary Bass Gossman! Mary is one of the most kind and compassionate people on earth, and she displays these characteristics on a daily basis with everyone she meets. The good Mary does is rarely seen by the public eye, but her kindness is spread far and wide continuously. All who know her well know this. Mary holds a special place in our hearts as well because she believed in Brightseasons long before it became a reality. She knew that reaching out to others during their tough season, being kind, and looking for ways to help can only bring blessings. And it has. For many. So, we honor her as we do every day of the year, and we thank her for blessing us with her presence. We feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a part of our family. <3