Brightening a Day

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Brightseasons had the pleasure of spending a little time with this lady right here. Debbie lost her son in a horrific way a few years ago and we wanted to make sure she knows we care. Brightseasons is made up of a group of amazing women, but we are all Moms. Although we can not walk in her shoes, we still feel her pain. Those of us who know her well, and those of us who’ve never met her, makes no difference. There is a bond between mothers. We can not imagine how her days are spent without ever being able to hold her son, but we can and will continue to surround her and lift her up in prayer. We hope the few things we put together will brighten her day and hope she knows she is always welcome to attend our meetings or help us in any of our future endeavors. We don’t know why God allows things to happen, but we do know he wants us here to comfort, serve and love our fellow brothers and sisters.