We Had A Bright Friday!

Our second annual Bright Friday was a success! We’re so thankful to each and every person who helped make this a wonderful day. It was great to spend time with some of our supporters and let them know how much we appreciate them for helping others. We have the most amazing community! Thank you to […]

2nd Annual Heart and Sole Walk

JOIN US for our 2nd annual “Heart & Sole” fundraising walk on Saturday, November 9th. This year we are taking off from Black Point Marina. We meet at 9:00 am, we walk 4 miles (2 miles up and back) and those who want to stay can join us for lunch at the restaurant. It’s $10 […]

Help for a Soon to be Mother

We made a visit to a very special young lady today and now we are asking our Brightseasons family to help us help her. This sweet girl is married and pregnant with her first child but has been put on hospital bedrest for the next few months. That means their income has been reduced to […]

Brightseasons at the “Fired Up For a Cure Breast” Cancer Fashion Show!

We had the absolute pleasure of being able to attend the breast cancer fashion show that was hosted at the Place Gardens a few days ago. Here is where we met a beautiful woman who modeled at the fashion show, and she touched our heart. Sue Oldacre is a beautiful soul who has been fighting […]

Thanks to Our Supporters!

We want to take this time to thank our supporters for everything they do for us! We are so genuinely grateful! A lot of times you will see us post for a specific family or mission and we list our needs. You all ALWAYS come through. In addition there are also many other families that […]

Samba Sol

SAMBA SOL is a wonderful company with a beautiful heart. Please check them out! I’m sure companies like this are asked all the time to help with important fundraisers or events. But we made one phone call and they immediately jumped on board with a donation of 3000 flip flops for us. THREE THOUSAND!! That’s […]

Flip 2 Recovery Success!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our Flip 2 Recovery mission successful! A huge shout out to SAMBA SOL For donating 3000 flip-flops to head over to the Bahamas! We ended up collecting almost 6000 flip-flops and T-shirts to send over for all those in need! They will be able to change their shirts […]


Brightseasons has paired up with Mama Mia’s of Homestead and high school freshman, Carla Lombardo, to begin our mission called “Flip 2 Recovery”. Most of us have been through Andrew and we remembered how we spent months outside cleaning up, re-building, and just getting around. It was hot and we had no power for such […]

A Call for Donations

Ok Brightseasons family, we need you. We have a beautiful long time Homestead family here who is going through a really tough season. The husband got into a serious boating accident this past weekend. He’s been in ICU and has a long road of recovery ahead. They are both self employed so you can imagine […]