Our Story

We believe in this life we are to love each other and give back to others. We’ve always tried to do our best in that area, but there has been a longing to do more.

We have in this community many wonderful groups who give back. Some who give scholarships, some who raise money for cancer, some to help feed the hungry. Every single one of them are awesome! But, our vision has always been a little different.

For instance; there was a local girl, a single mom, whose oldest son got diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemo. She’s missed a lot of work to sit with her boy, we want to give to her. Or the boy who got a full ride to college, but had a rough home life. Although room and board was paid for, he had no sheets for his bed, or no warm clothes where he was going. We want to help him. Or the family whose dad lost his job and he can’t pay the electric bill this month. Those are the kinds of people we help. People who are going through one of the many seasons we all go through. One that will eventually pass, but is scary to go through.

It’s not just people who need help financially. The older woman who lost her husband and can’t afford to hire someone to mow her lawn or do things she can’t, We will send someone over there. Or a family who needs dinner brought to their home because of a tragedy. We want to go beyond just money and offer somewhere to turn.

We have an amazing group of women who make up our organization. 

We want to keep this a group of women who want to give back. We pride ourselves on Generosity, Integrity & Loyalty.

We will pay it forward in the hopes that the people we help will do so as well when their season turns.