A Call for Donations

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Ok Brightseasons family, we need you. We have a beautiful long time Homestead family here who is going through a really tough season. The husband got into a serious boating accident this past weekend. He’s been in ICU and has a long road of recovery ahead. They are both self employed so you can imagine how scary it is to know that no income will be coming in for quite some time. Brightseasons is only a small organization and we will help them as much as possible, but we are asking the community to come together and donate to get them a little peace in this area at least. We are collecting donations from today until September 6th, which at that time we will present them a check so they may focus on what’s really important and that is his recovery. The loss of income is scary to anyone who’s ever had this happen to them. Worrying about making sure the necessities are taken care of is the last thing you care about when your husband and love of your life is fighting for his. Please consider donating for this family. ALL donations taken in during this time frame will go directly to them. You can donate through any member of Brightseasons or go to our website and hit the donate button.

Thank you so much. I am so proud of the people we have in this community. As well as those who support us from all over. We are so honored to have you help us help others.