A Bit About Us

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Brightseasons helps many people in our community. A lot of them we do not post about in respect to their privacy. A lot of them we must turn down as well. I would like to take this time to clarity just what our criteria is when helping a family.

1. They can be on no assistance of any kind at the time. (Food stamps, etc.)
2. They must hold a full-time job. (40 or more hours per week)
3. This must be a season in their life. Our policy is to only help a family once and we hope that this can push them into a better place in their life, not hold them over for a month.

(*All requirements will be verified before assistance is given. Any exceptions will be made by the Board of Directors)

There are many places for people to go to for assistance when needed. And we are grateful for them all. But we were created to help those who don’t normally need assistance. Someone, for one reason or another, due to an event or circumstance, got behind and needs a little help coming through to their next season.

We also do many things that do not require making utility or rent payments at all. Something like a pick me up for an individual who may be having a bad week, cooking for someone who has had an illness or injury, or sending over a lawn service for a family who may have lost a loved one. And much more. We are here to help. We are here to spread kindness. But we have to set certain limits so we can reach as many people as we can.