We believe, in this life, we are here to help others. We all have tough seasons to go through at one time or another. We try to make that time easier. We do what we can in the hopes that the people we help will pay it forward one day. One kind act at a time.

Mission Statement:
To help those who are going through a tough season in any way we can in the hopes they will pay if forward one day.

Who We Are

We are a group of strong, loving, giving women with deep ties to the Homestead community. We meet monthly and with open hearts and helping hands, reach out to those who need comfort and support weathering one of life’s storms.

We’re open to all types of assistance. In fact, we are pretty creative in finding ways to help. So, however we can lighten the load, lift a heart, soften the blow, then we are all in. Not forever, but for a season.

Our Purpose

There are many organizations that focus on long-term issues, such as raising money for cancer research, feeding the homeless, and ensuring access to education.
The purpose of Brightseasons​, however, is to led a hand for a season to those who are usually self-sufficient but suddenly experience an unexpected hardship.

The wife whose husband is killed in a tragic accident…

The student who receives a full ride to a norther college, but has no money for everyday essentials…

The single mom who misses hours of work to sit with her child during his chemotherapy treatments…

In each of these life-altering events, the volunteers of bright seasons stepped up to make our community – and the world – just a little bit brighter. 

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